Creative Communication from a team uniting art, philosophy and marketing!

Are you looking for a new sustainable marketing campaign? Would you like to know more about your audiences? Are you about to launch a new product? Our team is there for you, accompanying you from the very first briefing up to implementation and production. We will assist you with flexible teams consisting of creative people taking care of texts, photography, graphic design, visual arts, music, sound, architecture and anything more that comes into our mind.



PLANNING MAKETING & ADVERTISING  advertising objectives, target audiences, timing, advertising and communication media, brand, image..

IDEA & CONCEPT  New ideas and fresh concepts

CREATION  ideas shape up, layouts and visualisations..

PRODUCTION After your clearance we move to final artworks, print, production, website, social media design, events..



Webdesign Vienna

Your Webdesign in Vienna

you may also want to visit the sisonke webdesign site: https://sisonke-webdesign.at/

Webdesign Vienna means that we are located in Vienna, in the 9th district. What we offer, is modern beautiful design and responsive layouts (for mobile browsers). WordPress is the perfect tool to publish contents online. Userfriendly and optimized for mobile browsers. We design your website, install it and care for the search engine optimization. Within a short training unit we will show you how to easily upload content and images yourself. Sounds good?  Looking forward to your inquiry!

A great website

looks good

  • is clearly structured
  • is easy to navigate
Fast loading

  • simple to use
  • well-thought out layout

  • adapted for mobile browser
  • great colour scheme

  • browser-friendly
  • interactive elements  
Simply delicious!



SISONKE means »togetherness« in the South African language Zulu.
SISONKE stands for a creative and fair economic exchange between South Africa and Austria. The SISONKE Design label aims at the collaboration of established designers and young talents from Austria, South Africa and other countries in the creation of unique jewellery and fashion design collections with the message of “Togetherness” supporting poverty alleviation.


„we are one – we are together“
Design for togetherness – in mutual respect

„has the power to change lives“
Design for poverty alleviation – for sustainable social change, inspiration and commitment

„we are all involved“
Emotion, solidarity and the will to join efforts for great achievements

„no problem stands alone“
International visibility for initiatives against poverty and for the creation of a worldwide community



With the Cross Continental Design Catwalk (CCDC) we generated a new show concept to raise awareness and to reach new audiences. The SISONKE CCDC – a ‚Design-Opera‘ – is a spectacular fusion of jewellery design, fashion, light, live music and contemporary dance created by artists and designers of both continents.

The premiere staged 2007 under the patronage of the Mayour of the City of Vienna, was followed in 2010 by more shows in South Africa and in Austria. As a result, an extensive cross-continental network could be formed, including both established jewellery and fashion designers and young talents, artists of all disciplines, and partners in education, economics and politics



The SISONKE team assembles marketing expertise, philosophy and design and offers

  • Creative communication concepts and event management
  • Webdesign and Social Media Design
  • Graphic design (CI, CD, Logo, flyers, booklets, …)
  • Photography and video creation
  • Sustainable marketing-, PR- and advertising concepts
  • Editorial services in several languages

SISONKE means »Togetherness« in the South African language Zulu. SISONKE is based on mutual respect, inspiration and the openness to learn from the “other”. SISONKE stands for cultural empowerment, social responsibility, sustainability and poverty alleviation. This is reflected in our cross-continental projects with South Africa.


Growing Bridges

Nature * Arts * Touches

be the change you wish to see in the world – Gandhi

Artists: Natascha Renner, Sula Zimmerberger

OPENING 12.05.2015*19:00
Exhibition duration: 16.06.2015
1090 Vienna, Sechsschimmelgasse 14

Powered by Department of Culture of the City of Vienna

Concept: Caroline Charlotte Kaiser, KulturAXE

GROWING BRIDGES reflects the guiding theme of KulturAXE, a culture association founded 20 years ago in Vienna in order to realize bordercrossing art projects. Growing Bridges is focusing on togetherness and the aim to mutually achieve change. Bordercrossing tolerance and a sense of transcultural togetherness in which you detect the „otherness“ in yourself, requires first the feeling of oneness. However, we have today reached a state of maximal alienation between men and nature. Which is rapidly being accelerated by the digitalisation of reality. This also means alienation to the nature of oneself. Oneness and harmony with oneself and the world is substituted by fear, destruction and xenophobia. Is it at all possible to simply leave all these paradigms behind us in a radical cut and start fresh trying to normalize our relation to nature? Can art lead us back to a wondering perception of nature? Can art assume healing effects in this context? Does anything make sense nowadays without radical change? Growing Bridges asks the artists about their personal relation to nature, why they reflect it in their works and what vision they have for the future.